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I don't think it's right he gets to call the shots. And while I agree he should get Lucy out of that ship, I don't want to see her end things with Lucas. I know that Lucy and Lucas as a couple would be challenging, difficult and all around dangerous. Then again the best things in life are rarely without its own tribulations, and nothing worth having is ever easy. View 2 comments.

Sep 13, Nicole Jade rated it did not like it. Are you fucking kidding me?! Yeah, Lucy should have eaten the bullet. Anywho, this chick wants to go home but before that Are you fucking kidding me?!

Nothing at all until after they screw in the shower! I laugh cuz she says "Im not your slave" That's right hun, that's what his brother has you for. Oh and apparently the brothers are really into ass play and wow this girls ass must've been made for entry cuz not once has lube been mentioned.

Good job Champ! So after Lucy wonders if she really loves J she starts to ponder if she loves L. FFS chick. Oh and now here comes Jeremiah to save the day! Is it too much to hope they all die? I knew it wasn't a HEA book and I get that.

But it would have been nice for there to be some loyalty. I know Jeremiah hurt Lucy, but I was really disappointed in her. I don't want her to be "that girl".

She knows that by betraying Jeremiah with Lucas that she will alienate him and lose him. She is sleeping with the enemy as far as he is concerned and it can not end well. And Lucas, he's a snake! He knows how she feels about Jeremiah and he doesn't give a damn about her. His only concern is getting back at Jeremiah. He needs to grow up and be a man. He's a dirty rotten scoundrel and Lucy should be ashamed of herself for going there.

For goodness sakes! He kidnapped her, stuck her on a boat with criminals, she was attacked twice and she still went there. I just don't know how that can happen now. Do I think Jeremiah is a saint? Hell no! But I do know that Lucy went into this knowing what kind of man he is. She knows he is "broken", but she went ahead anyway. She knows that the worst act of betrayal to Jeremiah would be Lucas. She has chosen her path.

I hope it is worth it. Looking forward to book 7. View all 5 comments. Mar 20, Tisha rated it it was ok. What the hell is going on?!?!

Lucy Lucy Lucy. I mean, really were is this story going? I skimmed a lot of this because I'm just not a fan of the gun trading brother. He doesnt give me scary, hot, criminal vibes.

Hoping with the next installment we back get on track. Jeremiah who? Am I the only one that finds Lucas more exciting? Lucy, you go girl! Somebody should have delivered "you snooze you lose" memo to Jeremiah before he set his sails out into the seas I am thrilled that the author decided to continue with the series.

I was under the impression she was done when Part 5 came out. Looking forward to Part 7. Wtf did I just read?

Mar 12, Adriane Leigh rated it really liked it Shelves: Just okay for me. Sara can still write a killer sex scene, and I'm interested in where Jeremiah, Lucy and Lucas is going, but I'm over the gunrunning, knife-wielding stuff: I received a DRC from Edelweiss for an honest review.

So honestly what the fuck was this?! It's part erotica and part choose-an-unfortunate-adventure novel. Lucy Delacourt is a temp working for Hamilton Industries or something.

She's been unknowingly making flirty eyes with the Billionaire owner of the company. Of course all Billionaire company owners are also douche bags but I digress. Anyway, one day she gets assaulted by billionaire douche extraordinaire, Jeremiah Hamilton. Since this is an erotica it's totally fine. Moving on, Jeremiah interviews Lucy to be his personal assistant which involves paying her butt load ha!

Lucy takes the job and is flown to Paris post haste for a gala. She's never given any information about what her position entails but like a good sex toy goes along for the ride.

At the charity gala what else would it be? The hero has to have some humanity she meets the other Hamilton brother, Lucas. And this is where shit gets real adventurous! Rule 1. It's never good when I want the hero dead. Rule 2.

Incest is a deal breaker. Rule 3. LOKI is always better than Thor!! Lucas' nicknamed Loki and Jeremiah reminds me of a horrible version of Thor. I love Thor but Loki's better In the first part, Anything He Wants, Lucy is left bereft because she tells Jeremiah she loves him and he doesn't feel the same.

Soon after she leaves his house and gets kidnapped by Lucas.

Who, by the way, is totally not the bad guy. Lucas treats Lucy so much better than Jeremiah. He actually talks to her, holds her after she's almost raped, cuddles after sex instead of walking off, all in all he tries to be a good person dealt a bad hand. Anyway Lucy has always felt a little something since her first meeting with Lucas but ultimately her heart belongs to the moron who treats her like crap. It would've been better if she ended up with Lucas because he was a better man with her around and she was actually appreciated by him as a person with feelings.

Jeremiah on the hand was an asshole! He is the villain, God I hated him. D-bag is given control of his father's company, a position for which Lucas was trained from a young age. He takes over, kicks his brother to the curb "because he stole 30 million dollars", and then manipulates everyone around him.

First of all if someone stole 30 million from a company then a through investigation should be required instead of "oh the money's gone and so is Lucas so it must be him!

Iron And Steel Industry 2005 Oecd Publishing

Throwing money and flowers at a girl doesn't constitute love. Mar 24, Kaylan rated it it was amazing. I'm over it! Lucas is a sociopath and Lucy is an aggravating skank. I love love stories where the main couple are just devoted and loyal to each other.

Castaway Series Sara Fawkes -

I was happy when I saw this installment of the series published and I'm excited for part Mar 17, B. OMG so I saw that happening but didn't really think it would happen, and then it did, multiple times and now, like Lucy probably is, I'm confused as all hell as to what is gonna happen now.

Its like history repeating itself but its with willing parties. Can't wait to find out what happens. If you haven't read this series yet, start reading now and catch up, you'll love it. Girl what were you thinking??????? Now who will she chose?

Oh Cliff Hangers the silent killer: Mar 18, Michelle rated it really liked it. Holy cliffhanger! Not only did this part take forever to come out - I had to skim through the last part of the 5th installment to refresh my memory.

So Lucas has just kidnapped Lucy after she admits she loves Jeremiah and he walks out on her Now Lucy is a pawn in Lucas's smuggling, used to be bait to get to Jeremiah and to Translate now that Anya is dead. Lucy pisses me off in this one, big time.

I get that Lucas is attractive, but you just admitted you were in love with his brother days befo Holy cliffhanger! I get that Lucas is attractive, but you just admitted you were in love with his brother days before.

Can you not control yourself at all? And then it happens Part 7 is due out in April, but come on Sara! How could you do this to us again. You left us with a cliffhanger months ago now you give us just another taste and poof!

I knew I should have check to see if there was going to be more. Took me a while to decide on the rating. I wanted to hate the book but at the same time it kept me entertained. There were plenty of sizzling scenes, but it was the suspense filled storyline that captured my attention too.

And boy, am I glad the second book was in this bundle because I was dying to see what happened next to Lucy. I was so captivated by the book that I was annoyed when I had to actually put it down just to do things at home!!

Lucy is definitely a submissive; she hardly says no to anything that Jeremiah threw at her. There were so many times that she got herself into trouble, and I just thought that she was the most unluckiest person at the time!

But she was willing to pick herself up every time and move on. Jeremiah… holy hotness ladies! The CEO of a powerful company and an ex-ranger… yes please!! He would have any girls panties wet, but his issues with his father growing up has turned him into a somewhat uncaring man … until Lucy. She pushes all his buttons and he feels things that he never wanted to.

There was another character introduced and I absolutely loved him!! He gives greater spice to the storyline, I tell ya! He somehow becomes a friend to Lucy, after everything that she goes through and I would love to see more of him.

Anything He Wants: Castaway #1

I first thought it was a bit of a Shades read, but it turned out to be unique in its own way. If you enjoy a good erotic suspense, I would recommend this one for sure!! Complimentary copy provided by the Publisher, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It says I started this book back in in December. Because ya know-- you get side tracked with other things mainly other books and then you forget about it.

I think I'll just say I'm done. But anyways I can at least do the first part of the book. Which is: Anything he wants. The first part of the book OKAY! The first part of the book is really good, I liked it and was able to read it fast because I'd already read it once before. But I wanted to refresh myself when I got this. Since the first time I read it it was and this is two books in one. That's the difference for anyone that didn't know. I liked the whole conspectus of the book, and I still don't know who I like more Lucas or Jeremiah.

And it was totally hot and sexy with all the sex and the BDMS thing going on. Although no matter how hot it is I have read hotter. Jeremiah is the CEO of a big company that his father started and it was suppose to be handed over to Lucas but when their dad died he put it in his will that Jeremiah was to take it over. And thus lead to Lucas becoming an arms dealer. Blah, blah, blah.. And also caused Lucas to hate his brother. Now as far as the second half goes, at least as far as I am so far in it.

I don't really like either one of them.

I loved, loved them both but mostly Jeremiah in the first part of the book but then I loved Lucas in the first part of Castaway but then I don't like him either anymore.

But yeah, anyways.. I suppose we'll see when and IF I ever finish this for real so that I can come back and tell you how wonderfully good it ended up being or how horrible it was.

Wish me luck with someday finishing it. That's it. Mar 19, Tera rated it really liked it Shelves: This book starts off where the last one ended.

Lucas has Lucy -kidnappedish it was her choice. I understand she went with Lucas because she was hurt and knew going with Lucas would hurt Jeremiah but she could have stop and thought about it for just a min. Of course, I thought he wouldn't put her in those This book starts off where the last one ended.

Of course, I thought he wouldn't put her in those kinds of situation either. Figured he would try the suave approach and keep her on his side. I am a little disappointed that she jumped so readily in the sack with Lucas. I can kinda see the first time - she wanted to wipe the awful memory of the attempted rape but still have a little self-control.

But to do it several more times -if you wanted to hurt Jeremiah - well I think you have succeed I don't know yet what Lucas's feelings are for Lucy.

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I think it started off with trying to get back at Jeremiah but I don't think that is the case anymore. I loved the little sneak peek into Jeremiah inner thoughts I thought he acted a little too cold to Lucy.

If he hadn't acted so ugly - none of this would have happened. But does two wrongs make a right??? Can't wait for the next serial!! Apr 29, Arlena rated it really liked it Shelves: Sara Fawkes Published by: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Book Blog For: Castaway 1 Anything He Wants 6 , by Sara Fawkes was a interesting short romance with erotica-suspenseful read that truly left me in ahh because I thought I knew how this read was going but was I in for a shock.

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