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In these times of artificial intelligence, this no longer seems so far-fetched - for example, when a mobile phone can recognise faces or languages.

With more complex applications, however, computers still quickly come up against their own limitations. Schematic illustration of a light-based, brain-inspired chip. The chip contains an artificial network of neurons and synapses that works with light. Johannes Feldmann The optical microchips that the researchers are working on developing are about the size of a one-cent piece.

In this respect, the human brain is way ahead of even the most modern computers because it processes and stores information in the same place - in the synapses, or connections between neurons, of which there are a million-billion in the brain. The scientists managed to produce a chip containing a network of artificial neurons that works with light and can imitate the behaviour of neurons and their synapses. The researchers were able to demonstrate, that such an optical neurosynaptic network is able to "learn" information and use this as a basis for computing and recognizing patterns - just as a brain can.

As the system functions solely with light and not with traditional electrons, it can process data many times faster. The story in detail - background and method used Most of the existing approaches relating to so-called neuromorphic networks are based on electronics, whereas optical systems - in which photons, i.

Basiert auf etablierter Technologie

The principle which the German and British scientists have now presented works as follows: optical waveguides that can transmit light and can be fabricated into optical microchips are integrated with so-called phase-change materials - which are already found today on storage media such as re-writable DVDs. These phase-change materials are characterised by the fact that they change their optical properties dramatically, depending on whether they are crystalline - when their atoms arrange themselves in a regular fashion - or amorphous - when their atoms organise themselves in an irregular fashion.

This phase-change can be triggered by light if a laser heats the material up. In their study, the scientists succeeded for the first time in merging many nanostructured phase-change materials into one neurosynaptic network. The researchers developed a chip with four artificial neurons and a total of 60 synapses.


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Hilfreichste kritische Bewertung. Submitted on Schematic illustration of a light-based, brain-inspired chip. Further work will need to be done, however, before such applications become reality.

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