Two decades before the events of Partials, the world was locked in a different battle for survival: a global war for the last remaining oil reserves on the p. It was for the Isolation War that the American government contracted the Author Dan Wells is back with the sequel to the sci-fi blockbuster Partials, which. - Isolation - Dan Wells (Inglês) - documento [*.pdf] ISOLATION A LOST TALE IN THE PARTIALS SEQUENCE DAN WELLS Contents Cover.

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Isolation book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Two decades before the events of Partials, the world was locked in a dif. View Dan Wells - from ACG at University of North Florida. ISOLATION A LOST TALE IN THE PARTIALS SEQUENCE DAN. DAN WELLS writes a little bit of everything, but he is best known for the Partials Sequence and the John Cleaver series, the first cover image of Fragments.

Mei Hao stopped at the window in her rush, seeing plumes of smoke and gouts of flame amid the Chinese half of the city.

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The fires, too, were closer. The Partials were pressing forward, and the Chinese headquarters were no longer safe. She could already hear the two generals arguing. Mei was his assistant, and it was no surprise to hear him arguing for retreat. She hurried into the room and laid the maps on the table; he spread them out without acknowledging her, and she opened the satbox while he examined them. Bao was the opposite of Wu in many ways: We do not have the strength, as you say, to drive the BioSynths back, but a stand must be taken somewhere.

You've reached the end of this preview. Share this link with a friend: From their we go back and forth and I was completely immersed in the tale. They are developed without empathy.

I adored Heron and immediately connected with her. She is smart, excels at all tests, and her intellectual skills astounded me. The humans at the faculty and what the government was doing, sent shivers down my spine.

Anyone who cried they wanted more world-building and history after reading Partials will find the answers they desire within the pages of Isolation. While only a mere 62 pages in length it was tightly written and filled with history. I want to gush and spill information, but I promise spoiler free reviews on my site and you will need to read this for yourself!

This has given me a better sense of where this series is headed.. Isolation is a must read for fans of Partials and the fact that it contains the first chapter of Fragments should be enough reason to grab this gripping tale. Sadly this is only available as an eBook, but worth the read , even if its from your computer.

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Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer Nov 08, Katerina Kondrenko rated it really liked it Shelves: And now I know for what were women among the bio-soldiers, why robots are so conscious and human-like. Now is clear why people and not-people had started to fight, what the Isolation War is, and what happened with world we used to live in. Do you know who helped me with that?

I never thought I would love to spend around 70 pages with her only, but here I am. Chapters are interchanging and bringing to light the first days, weeks and months of Heron in the ParaGen's lab plus her future task in a form of espionage in China. Both timelines were pretty good, but ParaGen's were a bit more interesting.

This bonus is useful. You definitely should read it, but do it only after Partials. The Partials Sequence is a post-apocalyptic setting in the latter half of the 21st-century. Humanity has been driven to near-extension by the Partials -- bio-mechanical super soldiers.

The Partials were created as specialized and disposable "weapons" in the global conflicts over natural resources. It follows Heron, a partial Theta or sp The Partials Sequence is a post-apocalyptic setting in the latter half of the 21st-century. It follows Heron, a partial Theta or spy , and alternates back and forth between her training, and her mission as an infiltrator with the Chinese forces.

It provides some background and insight into why the Partials eventually turned against their creators. It is a mix of character study and spy thriller. As is the case with his earlier books, Dan Wells does a good job getting us into the mind of somebody who is not quite on the same mental wavelength as your typical person. I actually read this before I read the first novel, and I think it actually serves as an interesting bit of setting backstory.

It isn't required to understand or enjoy Partials the first novel in the series , but does provide an alternate perspective on what might be going on outside the focus of the first novel.

Jan 11, Dawn rated it it was amazing. Dan Wells is an incredibly descriptive writer without being overly so. The pictures he creates in your mind help pull you into not just the story, but the world of the story. In "Isolation," we learn the details of that war, how the Partials won it and what consequences the win had that l "Isolation" was amazing. In "Isolation," we learn the details of that war, how the Partials won it and what consequences the win had that lead to the world in the start of the "Partials" book.

One of my favorite things in books that are connected such as prequels and companion novels, not just within a series itself is when an author makes a connection between the books that seem so far apart--books that are separated by time or space.

It's exciting to me when a character shows up, or an event is explained, and suddenly more of the story, more of that world, makes sense. Mar 26, Jen Blackham rated it really liked it.

I'm really not one for this new "novella" trend. For the most part, I come away from them unsatisfied, especially if I have put off reading the next book because I felt I had to read the novella chronologically. This novella as many end up doing comes before book 1 even begins. There is no one from book one in this, so it's really its own short story.

I did like it, it gave more background from the Partial perspective which was interesting. Definitely not "needed" to understand anything in the series, but a good addition. Could be read before Partials although published after. I'm glad my library gets these novellas for digital loans, as I wouldn't want to pay for something so short.

Partials by Dan Wells

May 14, Ivette rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 13, Lilian rated it liked it. Isolation is a prequel novella in Dan Well's Partials series. Although it is technically a prequel and can be read alone, I still recommend reading it after the first book, Partials, because there is a bit of jargon, but more importantly, it's clearly a supplement to the series and it's just not very strong story by itself.

The story is from the point of view of Heron, an assassin Partial created to infiltrate Chinese headquarters. I admit I might be a bit biased since this novella is set in Chin Isolation is a prequel novella in Dan Well's Partials series.

I admit I might be a bit biased since this novella is set in China, and me being Chinese is especially keen to how my culture is depicted, especially when they are supposed to be the "enemy.

I am not sure if this is intentional to emphasize the foreign nature of Chinese, but I couldn't help catching that all Chinese dialogue sounded forced, unfitting for the rough, ruthless, army men I imagined the characters to be.

A decisive blow…could destroy them utterly…Then we must flee in the Rotors. Even I don't even use "utterly" or "flee" in colloquial language. The Chinese names were also inaccurately romanized.

There are no "Do" or "Po" sounds. But then maybe I'm asking for too much. All the Chinese names were ridiculous that I almost burst out laughing. Chinese Men Are Also Stereotypical Misogynists I have no idea why this story is set in , yet it seems like China has moved backwards in gender equality.

I admit that in rural China, males are valued more than females, but in Isolation, the Chinese men detest women. Blast all devils to hell, and devil women to the deepest part of it. Yes, the Chinese also call their enemies "devils," which seems to portray them as superstitious fools more than using the term as a derogatory term.

Never mind that their dialogue sounds like something from a bad video game trying desperately to sound epic. To be fair, the Americans don't sound like great people either. Basically, the purpose of the Isolation War is unveiled, which turns out to just be greedy people who want to wage war for resources. China holds these precious resources, but have turned themselves into North Korea, where they've isolated themselves from international trade. And Americans, being power-hungry, have to wreck havoc until they get what they want.

The Perspective of a Partial: The main attraction of this novella is to give readers background information about Partials, how they are formed, and the way they think. These herons are built to be soldiers, cold, unfeeling creatures built to follow orders.

Heron isn't a hero because she wants to, but because she is following orders So Partials don't give a damn about anyone, or even their own and will do destructive things out of anger--which makes me question why would her creators take away empathy but leave "anger.

Perhaps if it was a movie, it would've worked better--I could imagine Heron as Anne Hathaway's Cat Woman from Dark Knight Rises especially the scene where she pretends to be helpless. But while I appreciated the action and the backstory, I couldn't relate to any of the characters to be invested in the story.

The stereotypical portrayal of Chinese and Americans left me wincing till the end. As a fan of Partials, I am disappointed. Even 75 pages felt too long. Aug 07, Eric Allen rated it really liked it. This is a brief sequence giving the back story for the character Heron, who played a major role in the second book. This book is almost too short to even really call a novella. It's more like a short story, or, more likely, a deleted sequence from Fragments that just didn' Isolation By Dan Wells A Review by Eric Allen A few months after he released Partials , which I loved, and a few months before he released Fragments which I loved even more, Dan Wells released an E-book novella called Isolation.

It's more like a short story, or, more likely, a deleted sequence from Fragments that just didn't fit in the final drafts of the book. Was it good? Well, that depends on what you're expecting out of it. It's well written, sheds light on Heron, a supporting character that is otherwise a mystery, shows how the Partials were treated before their rebellion, and their attitudes toward humans treating them as equipment rather than people.

It really illustrates the reasons why the Partials rebelled through the eyes of one of the Partials. It makes her a much more sympathetic character in Fragments where, if you have not read her backstory, she comes off as more a gigantic douchebag than anything else.

Isolation makes Heron a likeable and sympathetic character by giving her reasons for acting the way she acts in Fragments. If you're expecting anything more than Heron's back story, you're likely going to be disappointed in it. Because that's all this book is. It fleshes out a character in a series that I greatly enjoy, making her motivations much more clear than they would otherwise be had I not read it before reading Fragments.

That this sequence was sold separately rather than included as a part of Fragments, I think, is a good thing, because anywhere it would have been put, it would have broken up the flow of the story. It's not vital to Fragments, and is really only a fun extra for fans of the series that want to pay a little extra for it. If you enjoyed Fragments, and want to know what crawled up that Heron chick's ass and died, and don't mind paying a few bucks extra for her backstory, I recomend picking it up.

If you don't really care so much, this book is probably not for you and you may come away from it feeling cheated. All in all, I found it quite enjoyable and worth the money I paid for it. It helped tide me over between books in the series, and made a character I probably would have otherwise hated had I skipped Isolation likeable and sympathetic. This book goes hand in hand with Fragments. Anyone new to the series would do well to pick up the first book, Partials, first, before reading this one, and be aware that the character in this book is a supporting character in the second volume, though briefly introduced in the first.

It's not the ideal jumping on point, or introduction to the series.

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Though Isolation does make Fragments more enjoyable, at the same time, Isolation may be a little dull to people who have not yet read Fragments and have little care for Heron as a character yet. Check out my other reviews.

Apr 09, Meeny rated it liked it Shelves: Reto abril: Sep 19, Ferdy rated it it was ok.

The story gives a bit of insight into the war that led to the Partials being created, how the Partials were created and used, what their relationship with humans were like and the beginnings of the Partials revolting against their creators. The few parts I enjoyed were the background information given on the war, the psyche of the Partials and the different roles the Partials played.

Unfortuantely I wasn't all that impressed overall, mainly because I hated Heron. Heron was a bitch. She was pissed when she found out that her human superiors were going to sacrifice thousands of Partials in the war, so she took it upon herself to save them. I don't quite understand why she cared if the Partials died when she herself said that she was built to have no emotions — so why did she feel so upset and betrayed??

The fact that she felt anything means that she did care. Even though she had feelings, she still happily sacrificed thousands of humans to save the Partials but then later more or less excused herself of mass murder people by saying she couldn't help herself because she was engineered not to care — which was BS, she just refused to accept that she was guilty of murdering so many people.

I didn't like the Partials at all, probably because I couldn't relate to Heron or any other Partial character. I'm guessing that I was meant to sympathise with Heron but I just couldn't, what she did was disgusting and it made her an evil murderous bitch. I'm really hoping that she dies a horrible death in the sequels.

Jan 12, Kim rated it did not like it. So I read this before I started Partials. It came out after, and so most readers I am sure read it after. Maybe if I had, I'd have liked it more. I hope it is not indicative of how I will feel about Partials. This takes place 60 years before the events in Partials. It explains how and why they were made. Heron is a Partial specifically engineered to be an assassin. She was made with the perfect body and to look Chinese since that is who she will infiltrate.

She was grown in a tank and is 'born' a So I read this before I started Partials. She was grown in a tank and is 'born' at 19 years old. Not sure why 19, 18 is considered an adult, 20 is out of the teen years. Why 19? She is born with no empathy or conscience and trained to kill with no remorse. I did not like how the chapters went back and forth between when she was created and in training and her mission right now.

I wish it had been in chronological order. I did not find Heron to be a likable character at all. She infiltrates a prison and kills a man in his sleep, she shoots another in the back of the head and doesn't bat an eyelash. I know it's her job and what she is trained to do; but still I just don't like her or extreme violence.

I hate that the author not just this one a lot of authors try to justify their females killing people because their attacker was drunk or tried to rape them. That is not an excuse. She easily could have incapacitated her attacker who actually never attacked her, she just felt threatened instead of killing him. I hope she is not a character in the Partials series. View all 4 comments. Jan 16, Jennifer Marie rated it it was amazing.

From her perspective, the folly of humans in considering the Partial race machines is blatant, even when H If you're a Partials fan and haven't read Isolation, I would absolutely recommend it. A fascinating, entertaining must-read.

Sep 23, Wayne rated it it was amazing. I read this series quit a while ago and it was such a great Dyostopian series but it has a lot more than that.

It really looks at where technological innovations, experiments and biological engineering can lead us. That's something I really enjoyed about this series and that theme is explored here.

It looks at the beginning and training of one of the created soldiers called Partials and how she became the soldier we meet later on on the series.

I liked this character and it was interesting to se I read this series quit a while ago and it was such a great Dyostopian series but it has a lot more than that. I liked this character and it was interesting to see her origin story. A must read for fans of the series and for those that event read any you could start from here.

Really interesting to see Heron's orgin. Nice to find out more about how the Partials began and the training they went through, as well as the reasons behind the rebellion. I'm glad I read all 3 books in the series before reading this prequel, as I felt it really explained a lot of stuff that was more vague in the other books, but I don't think it would have made much sense if I hadn't read all 3 first.

I loved Heron as a character, so I'm happy to see the world through her perspective, although Really interesting to see Heron's orgin. I loved Heron as a character, so I'm happy to see the world through her perspective, although I wish Samm had been included in the story. Either way, it was a nice, quick, interesting read that everyone who enjoyed the Partials series should read too.

Dec 12, Valentina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Finally I can read Heron's story, how she became so close to humans, why she is damaged inside, and how she is strong enough to keep going. She was a hero, and incredible female character, and Im crying whule writing this because i can't believe Partials is over.

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You did an incredible job Dan Wells, thank you for bringing such beautiful characters to life, thank you for creating Kira, Samm, Marcus, Heron, and many more characters that made my gray days a thousand times better. Kira Walker, you'll Finally I can read Heron's story, how she became so close to humans, why she is damaged inside, and how she is strong enough to keep going. Kira Walker, you'll always be in my heart.

Dec 13, Michelle rated it liked it. Isolation wasn't what I expected, I went into this expecting a different war, but I did enjoy getting to see Heron in another role, both as an undercover agent, but also her 'birth' and learning journey. Isolation lets us she another side to her, and gives some background information into why Heron acts like she does, being more human than other partials. This isn't really an essential read for the se Isolation wasn't what I expected, I went into this expecting a different war, but I did enjoy getting to see Heron in another role, both as an undercover agent, but also her 'birth' and learning journey.

This isn't really an essential read for the series, but it is very worth while. Apr 03, Pam rated it really liked it. Even though it is technically a prequel, I read this story after I finished the Partials Sequence needed more Partials in my life! I feel that I enjoyed this more due to that fact. Heron was already a well established and mysterious character in my mind, and this story was well written.Road conditions arent great outside of the settlement, though, so enjoy the smooth ride while you can.

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