For some, supplementing immersion-based learning with an old-fashioned This book is the number one best-seller in the French Language Instruction portion. If you're wondering how to learn French on your own, follow our tips for setting Note: you won't be reading this grammar book cover to cover. In this post, you'll discover 5 fantastic French books for beginners to help you to grow If you are learning French and are searching for a way to speed up your.

Book For Learning French

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I am a neophyte in learning the French language too. There are so many books which prove useful. 1 Easy French step by step by step by. Free next day delivery on eligible orders for site prime members | download books for learning french on “What are the best books for Learning French?” We looked at of the top French books, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very question!.

Want to learn more about intensive vs. If so, check out this video I recorded on the topic. If not, scroll down and I'll share my best tips on how to do extensive reading the right way!

When it comes to language learning, many of us are so used to intensive reading that the idea of extensive reading in a foreign language can seem quite alien. This graphic gives you an overview of my top tips for getting started. You can read more detailed explanations of each tip below. For many, this is the hardest part. Think about this: I would suggest only looking up words that seem to come up often or that are essential to your understanding of the text.

If a word appears several times on every page, you should consider looking it up. Otherwise, only look up words that are essential to your overall comprehension of the text. Try to use your French dictionary or translator as little as possible and focus instead on understanding and enjoying the text naturally.

You need to read things that are at the right level for you if you want to benefit from it. This is reading material that is just slightly above your current level.

Be aware that written French makes use of the past historic tense, a tense that is almost never used in spoken French! If you have not studied this tense, you should at least be aware of its existence so that you can recognise it while reading. Extensive reading is supposed to be a pleasure so choose material that you are interested in reading!

However, once you have a few weeks or months of French behind you, you should be able to move on to more fun and interesting books, such as those I mention here:. These short stories are enjoyable and interesting while at the same time providing a range of vocabulary and grammar which should challenge your French. With gripping plots, plus a glossary and a quiz after every story, these books are perfect if you want to spend a couple hours learning French in a fun, relaxed way.

Although written for children, the story is deceptively deep and contemplative, offering much to the adult reader too. Perhaps the least well-known book on my list, but a good option for someone looking to attempt a short and simple full-length novel.

This is a science-fiction story aimed at younger teenagers that tells the story of a small boy stranded on a hostile planet. It is written in an authentic but easy-to-understand style, making it accessible to those whose French is progressing to an intermediate level and who want a challenge.

A novel that tells of an earth-shattering discovery beneath the Antarctic ice and a love story older than humanity itself. This book is written in a style suitable for intermediate learners, but as the plot develops, it still has the power to stir up strong emotions, even in those reading in their second language. This is a recommended first full-length novel in French for upper beginner and lower intermediate-level students and an ideal choice for practising extensive reading.

This is a recommended choice if you already have a decent level of French are looking for something more modern to read.

While the style of writing is simple enough to make the novel easy to understand, the subjects it deals with are deep and thought-provoking, encouraging you to engage with the text. If you are looking for an accessible introduction to modern French literature, this could be the ideal place to start. The novel recounts the autobiographical true story of the author and conveys something of the flavour of life in French Vietnam while exploring the attitudes of the day.

The affair would have been considered doubly scandalous at the time due to both the young age of the girl and the fact that it was between a white French girl and a local Asian man. This book is a challenge to read and is not recommended for those whose level is less than upper intermediate. Do you enjoy reading in French? What are your favourite French books? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Free email course teaches you advanced listening skills to understand native speakers at ANY speed.

We will protect your data in accordance with our privacy policy. You'll discover: Intensive vs. K-L First Name: M-N First Name: O-P First Name: Q-R First Name: S-T First Name: U-W First Name: A-B Last Name: C-D Last Name: E-F Last Name: G-H Last Name: I-J Last Name: K-L Last Name: M-N Last Name: O-P Last Name: Q-R Last Name: S-T Last Name: U-W Last Name: Do You Know Shapes?

Do You Know Sizes? Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. Titles Appear On 1 List Each. Jean-Marie Cassagne. Evelyne Charvier-Berman.

A Short Course in Reading French. Intermediate French. Jean-Paul Valette. Jeannette D. Le gardien de la pierre.

An Introduction to French Pronunciation. Berlitz Self-Teacher for French.

Better Reading French: Bilingual Book in English and French: Mouse — Souris. Bonne continuation: Business French. An Intermediate Course. Jean-Luc Penfornis. A French Reader. Can an Elephant Fit in a Box? Cas pratiques pour le Francais des Affaires. Salvatore Federico.

Chez Nous: Branche sur le monde francophone.

Raymond F. Communicating In French: Intermediate Level. Conrad J. Novice Level. Complete French Grammar. Complete Guide to Conjugating: Conquering Babel: A Practical Guide to Learning a Language. Claire Handscombe. Cyrano de Bergerac. An Introduction to French. Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach. Developing Writing Skills in French. Dictionnaire Des Synonymes. La nouvelle francophone. Grammaire en action. Chantal Thompson. Exercices De Style. Exercises in French Phonics. Writing Assistant for French.

Facon De Parler 2 Activity Book 4th edition. Facon de Parler 2 Complete Pack 4th Edition. Facon De Parler: French for Beginners. Faisons le point! Discussion et reflexion. Karen Harrington.

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First French Reader for Beginners: Bilingual for Speakers of English. First French Reader: Stanley Appelbaum. French for Business: An Integrative Approach for Advanced Beginners. Dominique Van Hooff. French for Oral and Written Review. French for Reading.

Books for Learning French

Karl C. French Grammar and Usage. French Phonetics. Trudie Maria Booth. A Dual-Language Book. French Verb Drills. Friday or wildlife,.

Get to Grips with French Grammar. Graded French Reader: Grammaire En Clair. Grammaire Progressive Du Francais: Jacqueline Ollivier. Grosssworterbuch Deutsch-Franzosisch Franzosich-Deutsch. Hide This French Book.

The Best Books For Learning French

Eve-Alice Roustang-Stoller. Introduction to French Poetry: Invitation au monde francophone. Gilbert A.

Jean De Florette. Journal Infime, Lou! By Julien Neel. Leon-Franco Hoffmann. Francai Simmersion. La fille de papier. La France contemporaine.I wanted more than just holiday French and this seems well organised and easy to follow.

Based on a progressive approach, Entre amis features thorough coverage of all four-language skills with a strong emphasis on oral communication. A Complete Intermediate French Program.

Otherwise, only look up words that are essential to your overall comprehension of the text. O-P First Name: Friday or the Wildlife is a French book by Michel Tournier published in and which is perfectly suited for beginners. Nicole Fouletier-Smith.

The stories are short and easy to understand, yet interesting enough. Grevisse This is the pinnacle of French textbooks.

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