This wikiHow teaches you how to save a Gmail message as a PDF file on an Android phone or tablet. Open Gmail on your Android. The message is now saved to the selected folder as a PDF file. These are the best apps to convert any kind of file to PDF and even print Having done that, you are free to choose if you would like to email it. You can use Office mobile apps on your Android or Windows mobile device to save your Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations as PDF files. Note: You can’t save an Office file as a PDF from your iPad or iPhone. You can use Word on your mobile device to save.

How To Pdf From Email On Android

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How to convert Word to PDF on Android phone using the free Word app? as draft, you will then be able to save the PDF from email to your Android phone. Whether you want to send a PDF application to a potential employee or download government forms in PDF format, your Android device lets you do so without being tethered to For example, add a subject and recipient if sending by email. On that note, once you print, sign, scan, and email a piece of paper, what do Finally, signing a PDF on your Android device can be done from.

How to Transfer a PDF With the Android

Adobe Reader tries to scan your storage for PDFs. You may find it there.

With PDF open, find the areas that you need to fill out and tap on the screen. A top menu should appear that looks like this: 6.

Tap the icon that looks like a speech bubble behind a pen. From this menu you can fill out forms, type letters, doodle, etc.

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Once you are ready to sign, tap on the icon that looks like a ball point fountain pen doodling far right. Once that icon has been tapped, you need to tap on the document where you would like to sign. If you have never signed anything before, you will be taken to a screen to create a signature.

Sign away using your finger! When finished, press the check box and your signature will be added to the PDF.

Once highlighted, you can drag the signature to a new spot, resize, or adjust color, opacity, thickness. You can delete it as well. With your signature in place, hit the back button once to get to the original menu.

From there, email or send your signed PDF using the service of your choice. You can get it from Google Play store here or other third party Android market. If you have already installed Word on the phone, make sure it is up to date, otherwise you may not find this Word to PDF conversion feature.

Run Word on Android phone or tablet. Open the document you like to convert in Word.

Tap the More menu from the top left corner of the Word app. You will get a screen like below.

Note that you will need to connect to the internet in order to allow Word app to convert Word to PDF online. After the file format conversion from Word doc to PDF, you will get a screen like this. Now all options you can share the Word document on your mobile phone will be listed. Note that you do not really need to send or share the converted PDF files.

We are here to save the converted PDF document from Word app to a third party app on the phone. However will lose the ability to edit the documents.Tap Adobe Acrobat Reader. The only way to view a password-protected PDF is to get the password from the person who locked the document.

You may find it there. After you have scanned and processed a file, tap on the sharing option and you will get the option to share as PDF. But the most commonly-used features in the desktop version of the program have been brought over to the mobile version.

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