Sep 19, compiled and edited by Laura S. Dushkes. P r e fa c e. I. am the librarian for an architectural firm based in Seattle. As part of my job, I have the. If there's anything architects like doing more than designing buildings, it's talking about architecture. Whether musing about their inspirations (a blank sheet of. The Architect - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. The Architect says.

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Dec 31, Quotes extracted from 'The Architect Says' book. Just like any books, if you put good use to it, it is worth 10 times the value you paid for. Worth. May 3, Ebook Ebook The Architect Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom -> Laura S. Dushkes Pdf online - Laura S. Dushkes - [Free] PDF Go. Download Best Architecture Books for free: No doubt that reading is the simplest way for humans to derive and constructing meaning in order to gain a particular.

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In problematization of the determined problem area, it has been attached importance that the relationship between creativity, language and technology established with architecture should present a theoretic framework. In this first section, an introduction has been made on the expression language from historical process to the present day as referring to the architecture and production styles belonging to the architecture. In the second section, comments of various authors on to what extent this process reflects the language of architect has been included as referring to the subject of creativity in architecture and what the creativity is.

The fourth section consists of considerations over the dimension that the relationship between architecture and technology acquires by being used of both the conservative and modern expression mediums. The said considerations have been described through references to the architects and miscellaneous structures.

Consequently, this study aims to discuss the effect of technology by presenting the expression language of architect through sampling over the change of expression and representation language used in the production manner in the direction of theoretically objectives specified above.

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Since the book of Vitruvius called as De Architectura, architecture has been talking about the basic categories determining architecture.

These concepts that were revealed not only by Vitruvius but also by Alberti, are appearing as an architectural model individually when they are handled together with supervision of specific subjects. These architectural models adopted can be evaluated as original languages and approaches, in short, as expression language. This expression language has the equal meaning with the manner and creativity of architect. Such a situation refers us to be re-examined and contemplated of the association of architecture and the language of architect.

According to the approaches of the present day, the trial-and-error methods are being used by utilizing from all possibilities of technology anymore; the acquired forms and the forms that are derivatives of these become theoretically discussable by going beyond being known.

All these designing and production processes can be explained with the connection established between architecture and language. Moreover it specifies that technology comes up both as a tool and as a media in the expression language. Various representation techniques used by the architecture world has undergone a change in time. In the rapidly developing technological era, it is obvious that using all representation-expression techniques required by design and that can reveal the creativity of architect is required, instead of being in opposition to the possibilities presented.

From now on, the significance of the said creativity in the relationship of architecture and design may be addressed.

Architecture and Creativity In architecture, the place of creativity in the design process is inevitable. Within the context of the processes preparing the creation, the significance of design philosophy and interdisciplinary relations is great.

The creativity is considered to be the ability of revealing both new and striking one and functional one; also it is a result of intense and continuous studies2. Some idealist philosophers have suggested different approaches with respect to creativity. Since creativity appears as a communicative and scientifically examinable concept; creativity in architecture is a custom that is believed to be available intrinsic in the studies producing better replies to the problem situation by evaluating the developments in the basic concepts, location organizing principles and structure components, also offering very different unusual solutions to the problems5.

The creativity may also be handled in the perceptional and lexical level beyond assessability as a tangible product. Most of the designers or philosophers have preferred to assess these levels under specific categories.

For example; Jencks and Kropf have collected building samples belonging to various designers under five titles6. These are postmodern, postmodern ecology, traditional, late modern and new modern. İstanbul: Remzi Kitabevi. Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey. Design in Architecture. New York: John Wiley and Sons, p But today, the forms of Gehry may be evaluated as an example of a post-structuralist period and digital age.

It is understood that the architectural discourses and applications may show comprehension difference due to its frame that it was relatively settled down and also together with change and development of the expression forms.

In other words, the architect himself changes and evolves on his own merits as the designing approaches and designation of the architectural process. These discoursive preferences and creative designs that can be seen as a milestone can symbolize the beginning and end of an era. As you see, with its most dominant meaning, the creativity refers to a change, beginning, end, evolving and development. It can be said that architecture keeps itself alive thanks to this instinct of being creative and searches new horizons all the time.

With reference to all these definitions and relations, the creativity plays a basic role for processual development in the stages of understanding- interpreting-applying the design.

Saying that the creativity gains acceleration through this processual development and more exceptional, more original and less known architecture products are produced is not wrong. The reason of this is the increase of ambient triggering the creativity of the architect individuals and expanding rapidly in the globalizing world.

As intellectual process and expression process is significant for the creativity searches in architecture and within the aforementioned media; the self-expression ways of architect should be given wide coverage.

Architecture and Means of Language If we analyze the relation of architecture and language, we encounter with two different expressions.

The first of these is the drawings and models that an architect used to transfer its thought to the counter side. The other one is the buildings that he reflects his design thought.

In this sense, the language of architect can be handled in two ways.

İstanbul: Remzi Kitabevi, p: The representation language of an architect is the tool of expressing himself. This process performs in the form of conversion of thought into design and expression of designed thing in the way that can be understood by others.

The relation between thought and representation is required to be comprehended in order to be understood of this process. In the representation of thought, various tools such as words, forms, pictures, drawings, graphical expressions, models, computerized drawings and animations can be used. Everything designed are performed thanks to these tools. If we analyze the relation between thought and representation in consideration of the comments above, it can be seen that the representation, in short, language reveals itself in different forms.

The tools of representation have changed during the process of architecture action and have reached to our present day.

The first one of them can be considered as the traditional representation tools and the other one can be considered as the technological representation tools. The traditional tools used for the representation of thought within the design environment are line, expressions acquired by the help of line and models made by using traditional methods.

Conceptual expressions, graphical expressions, plans, sections, aspects, perspectives, etc.

Models, one of the traditional tools, are acquired by the help of tangible objects. The drawings and model seen in the table may be shown as an example of being revealed of the representation language of architect through the traditional tools Table Table 1. In addition, images close to real with respect to the thing designed may be acquired by lying beyond these.

For example, the expressions of the similar structures may be given with the technological representation tools.

The Architect Says – Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

Table-2 Table 2. The relation between thought and representation is the design action itself in a sense as referred by Hewitt. The action of designing should be seen as a result of the thinking action.

In other words, the original language of architects is their buildings. This language varies in time because of various reasons and several ages experienced by humanity affect the change of this language.

As of the beginning of the historical process, the widely-known forms such as square, circle and triangular were being used and again widely-known architectural forms were being obtained from them such as arch, dome and vault. The search of pure architectural form performed with basic geometrical forms has led the designer to the similar designs for a long time. Thus, forms and formats acquired partly through random trials without any search of basic geometrical form go beyond the accustomed one.

Table-4 Table 4. Therefore, differentiations occur in the understanding of form production and intervention to itself of design process has become possible thanks to the help of technology and digital tools. The Old Quarter was the divorce and suicide capital, home to architects who charged low fees and worked on unfulfilling projects.

The Artist Quarter was cool, but run down, because money was always tight. This was the quarter for architects who charged low fees but worked on fulfilling projects. In the New Quarter, everything was updated and fresh but lacked soul.

This quarter was for architects who charged high fees but worked on unfulfilling projects. Second, a provider of architectural services.

The Architect says.pdf

There is no method for architects … is there? In fact, my first architect client here in New Zealand, whom I worked with years ago, has clients literally begging to work with her. She tripled her income in 12 months. Some people say I have a magical voodoo power that causes my clients to transform so powerfully.Watson, Walter Crum Release Date: The easily applicability of the complex forms is the positive property of this processual change. I believe we, in fact, are discoverers.

I approach each project with a new insecurity, almost like the first project I ever did, and I get the sweats, I go in and start working, Im not sure where Im going if I knew where I was going, I wouldnt do it.

It is very clear how and why these rules exist. In my opinion, the activity of the architect is subjected to the approbation or blame of the community and he must consequently be able to justify his proposals and suggestions.

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