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Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero. Share. Share. facebook · twitter · tumblr Release Date Announcements: WARCRAFT, PACIFIC RIM 2 · Comics. Pacific Rim book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. PACIFIC RIM: TALES FROM YEAR ZERO serves as a prequel to the. Pacific Rim – Tales From Year Zero () The administrator of this site (read- cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other.

Schoenfeld eventually ends the interview crediting Love as the reason why they fight and sees Lightcap as responsible for that breakthrough.

Pentecost recognizes her as the young woman who nearly broke up his best team, Raleigh and Yancy Becket. She then steers the conversation towards him, asking Pentecost if he ever misses piloting the Jaeger and why he stopped.

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Stacker explains that on May 16, the two were deployed in Tokyo to fight the Kaiju Onibaba. In the process of combat, his partner Tamsin Sevier lost consciousness, leaving Stacker to kill the Kaiju on his own. Shortly thereafter, Stacker and Tamsin are issued papers explaining their retirement from active duty. Setting aside their retirement, Stacker asks what he can do for his friend. Tamsin asks him to move on with his life, so he does, revealing to Naomi that he adopted Mako, sympathizing with her loss of family and while talking with a young Mako on a plane to the Kodiak Island, he states he might teach Mako to pilot a Jaeger one day.

Among the pilots at the academy are Raleigh and Yancy Becket who prove to be an effective Jaeger team in fighting and simulations. While celebrating a new personal best from the simulator, the two brothers are approached by a young Naomi who back then was a Jaeger-fly a. She talks and flirts with the brothers for a few hours and when they have to leave, she gives Raleigh her number.

Weeks later, the brothers are in the simulator for another Kaiju fight but Yancy accidentally drifts off and reveals that he went out with Naomi. This distraction causes them to lose the simulated battle against the Kaiju. When Yancy finds him, Raleigh accuses his brother of being jealous and wanting everything he wants. They get into a fight, trashing the bar in the process. They're later pulled up for their behavior by Pentecost, who berates them for their behavior and the lack of respect they show for each other and the bond created by their position as Jaeger pilots.

Raleigh and Yancy apologize for actions and are dismissed from Pentecost's office. Some time later, Stacker visits Tamsin at the hospital and introduces her to Mako, who they saved in Tokyo. His gesture of kindness brings his friend to tears, and the three embrace.

The interview ends as Stacker reveals that he was in Hawaii with Mako to pay their respects to Tamsin, who died despite fighting against the cancer. When Naomi asks if he still thinks they can win the fight, Pentecost tells her that he never believed in the endtimes.

Their status and achievements as humankind dictates that they will win the Kaiju War. And because it takes up most of the story, I give this book two stars.

My other pet peeves are: -How they came up with the idea for the Jaeger program was kind of stupid. There were a parts of this book I liked as well. Most of them revolved around the backstories of characters established in the movie, and act as book-ends for the main narrative of the blond female scientist with poofy lips whose name escapes me I've seen similar things happen in real life, so this part resonated with me It didn't take very long to read, so I don't think it was a waste of time, if you can borrow it or get it cheap it's worth the read.

To me, this book is a reminder that the movie could have stunk really bad and didn't. And for that I am grateful.

This is clearly a labor of love! Secondly, the book suggests that while the central concept here is giant mechas beating up giant monsters, that isn't the complete story.

Or perhaps that there is a story here, with proper characterization and plot and motivation. Two category-IV and one category-V creature emerge from the breach to defend it.

Pentecost and Chuck detonate the bomb, killing the category-IV and wounding the category-V. Gipsy Danger finishes off the category-V and uses its corpse to go through the breach. Raleigh sets Gipsy's reactor to overload. Raleigh and Mako eject from Gipsy and go back through the breach. The reactor explodes, closing the breach. The two escape pods surface in the Pacific Ocean.

Raleigh and Mako embrace as helicopters are sent out to retrieve them. In a mid-credits scene, Chau cuts his way out of the infant Kaiju carcass. And he was the kind of guy that I can relate to, as a male audience member I go, 'I like that guy. I would like to have a few beers with that guy' Not only has it killed my sense of self-worth, but also my will to fight and keep on going.

And then, Rinko and Idris, and a couple other people, bring me out of retirement to try to help with this grand push.

Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero

I think that journey is a very relatable one. Everybody, at some point in their life, has fallen down and not felt like getting back up, but you have to, no matter how difficult it is. Idris Elba as Marshal Stacker Pentecost: Raleigh's commanding officer in Pan Pacific Defense Corps and former Jaeger pilot dying of radiation poisoning due to lax radiation shielding on the first Jaeger models. On selecting Elba, del Toro stated: "This is a movie where I have had to deal with more dialogue than ever, and the way I cast the movie was—who do I want to hear say these things?

Who do I want Charlie Hunnam to go against? Who can really tell Charlie Hunnam 'sit down and listen'?

I wanted somebody that could bring a lot of authority, but that you could feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. When I watched Luther , that's the essence of the character Luther is carrying literally the evils of the world on his shoulders. He's doing penance for all humanity Idris is one of those actors that is capable of embodying humanity, in almost like a Rodin sculpture-type, larger than life, almost like a Russian realism statue, you know, big hands, all the turmoil of humanity in his eyes.

I wanted somebody that you could have doubts internally, and very few guys can do that. Though Mori possesses a strength and fury that should serve well against the Kaiju, Pentecost is reluctant to use her, partly because of a fatherly bond and partly because he knows she is still fighting the terror of her childhood.

One of the other things I decided was that I wanted a female lead who has the equal force as the male leads.

She's not going to be a sex kitten, she's not going to come out in cutoff shorts and a tank top, and it's going to be a real earnestly drawn character. She never complained I asked Rinko her secret and she said 'I think of gummi bears and flowers.

D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D in [All Format Book] Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero (Legendary Comics)

Newt Geiszler: A scientist studying the Kaiju. Day stated: "Certainly myself and Burn Gorman provide a little bit of much needed levity, it's a break from the monsters and the guys fighting.

But then the character gets thrust into the story in a way that his life is seriously at risk and it becomes a little more action oriented and a little more horror movie-esque. So, he kinda bounces back between being humorous and also being real Newt is sort of the 'everyman' and he's flawed and he's arrogant. It was very funny, but he was coming from character.

He was not doing big stuff, he was, like, really mourning and lamenting his job, you know, how inhuman it is. And I thought, 'This guy is great at shading and comedy. Hermann Gottlieb: A scientist studying the Kaiju alongside Geiszler.

Pacific Rim Tales from Year Zero

According to del Toro, Gottlieb is a "tweed-wearing, English, phlegmatic introvert that never leaves the lab". The modest Gottlieb resents Geiszler's arrogance and radical behavior; the duo echo the film's theme of incompatible people functioning together when the time comes.

Perlman stated, "I actually think this character was designed to be played by another ethnicity other than myself. And somewhere along the way, [del Toro] had the notion, 'Wouldn't it be interesting to turn this guy into more of an invention.

That added a dimension to the larger-than-life aspect of the character I'm playing somebody very close to my own origins. But a completely made-up persona And I think that's the charm of the guy—that he's kind of elusive, hard to pin down. The director stated: "I think the moment you have a guy that is called Hannibal Chau and Ron shows up, and he's from Brooklyn and he's been selling black market organs, you know the whole story That's all I need to know.

If it's any other actor, there's a lot more explaining to do.

But when Ron comes in with that look, you can make your own story and it'll be as compelling as anything I can invent. You do a little weightlifting with the audience.

Kazinsky stated Martini hated the fact that he was cast as Chuck's father, being only 13 years Kazinsky's senior. However, Kazinsky said they developed a bond while filming, "Because we were working so tight together, we would finish and then we would go out for dinner every night and we would go to the gym together on days off we had The emotional scene toward the end with the father-son parting, it was very easy for me to play because I had grown to actually genuinely love Max as a man and as a friend.

The story was that Herc and Chuck have difficulty communicating, that they communicated via the dog, and all the love that they couldn't show each other they would show the dog. He and his father Herc pilot Striker Eureka, "the strongest and the fastest" Jaeger with eleven Kaiju kills, and make up the Resistance's "go-to team".

Collins described his character as the "brains" behind the Jaegers.Plot[ edit ] In , an interdimensional portal called "the breach" opens at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean , from which giant monsters, the Kaiju , emerge, destroying various cities across the Pacific Rim.

There is no correlation to the real world. Pentecost recognizes her as the young woman who nearly broke up his best team, Raleigh and Yancy Becket. They get into a fight, trashing the bar in the process. The director called it a "Swiss army knife of a Kaiju"; with almost 20 minutes of screen time, it was given numerous features so the audience would not tire of it.

It isn't great, but it does have some amazing moments of brilliance that reminded me of World War Z.

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