27/02/, , Click here to Download PDF 10, Clerk-Typist [Marathi and English] Examination, 04/01/, , Click here to Download PDF. Jun 15, State Service (Main) Examination – from २) Translation – Marathi paragraph to be translated into English, approximately 1/2 page/. Syllabus -. Paper No. Marks. Duration. Standard. Medium. Nature of. Paper. Paper I. (compulsory). Two hours. Degree. Marathi &. English. Objective. Type.

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Oct 23, MPSC Syllabus Pdf is provided here to download. Marathi Language; English Language; Current Affairs (National & International). 13, Maharashtra Engineering Services Group A and B [ Civil ] -Revised syllabus [ August 12], Download. 14, State Service Main Examination Syllabus [In Marathi] . Dear applicants, if you are looking for MPSC syllabus for Prelims/ Mains Exam in Marathi & English Language than you are at right place. Applicants can .

MPSC Material. Here you will get answers keys too including first key and final key. So there will be only one question paper for three exams prelim exam only.

One more thing is that from we will have combined prelim as well as paper 1 of mains exam too. First Key: Final Key: Paper 1: First key: Paper 2: You will get all papers in PDF format that you can save. Plz help me. It is Definitely Possible. Hii Hello good afternoon sir My name is Diksha. I had completed graduation in computer science.

[ALL] MPSC PSI Questions Papers with Answers in Marathi pdf

I want to become BDO. So sir according to mpsc syllabus pdf in marathi poem how should i prepare for this post. Sir mala DySP ya rank ch dream ahe. I am serving an Indian army after 17 years I retire from army can I eligible for mpsc which posts and also addl qualification for mpsc exam info me.

Y la ahe MPSC exam dyacha ahe tar mi kontya book cha study karu. Try to clear your concepts thoroughly.

I am 28years old. I have no more idea bout MPSC. If i started preparation at this age with full time job.

Is it possible by me? I want to be class 1 BDO officer but just have passed mpsc syllabus pdf in marathi poem can I start my studies regarding this post? Tahsildar post- I want to start preparing this post so please help me how can Mpsc syllabus pdf in marathi poem start study and which book are refer please hep me. Ok, this has been a basic question for all the aspirants who wish to start their preparation from the beginning.

I will try to give some insight on books. So here it is —. Read it properly, try to get hold of it first.

It will clear the picture, you will know that GS-1 is not just History and Geography abnormal psychology dozois yahoo it comprise Environment and Agriculture too. State board 6th to 11th, Paryavaran aani Bhugol in Marathi by A. Use Internet wisely. Almost 30 marks! No kidding!! Yes you guessed it right — M.

Syllabus related topics from IYB. Relatively new topic for MPSC, so no traditional sources are available.

Internet would come really handy here. Science and technology: Syllabus will guide mpsc syllabus pdf in marathi poem, follow daily news paper and relate it to topics in SnT, Mrunal. At the end of the day, your approach would decide the strategy and right choice of books. No book is perfect, try to get the syllabus done point to point, no matter what book or source.

Friday, February 15, BA complete zalyavr Mi mpsc madhe kontya post sathi apply karu shakto.

Maharashtra Public Service Commission

Tumhi upsc and mpsc chya kuthlyahi post la apply karu shakta. Application of triple integral to compute volume. Distributed forces in plane. Types of supports, loads, beams.

Analysis of trusses. Laws of friction, Cone of friction, Equilibrium of bodies on inclined plane. Application of problems involving wedges, ladders, screw friction. Kinematics of particle: Motion along plane curved path.

Tangential and Normal components of acceleration. Motion Curves a-t, v-t, s-t curves. Projectile motion.

Relative motion. Moment of Energy principles: Linear momentum, principle of conservation of momentum, Impact of solid bodies, direct and oblique impact, impact of solid bodies, semi elastic impact and plastic impact.

Introduction to smart materials. Recycling of materials. Substructure — Function of foundations, Only concepts of settlement and Bearing capacity of soils. Types of shallow foundations, only concept of friction and bearing pile.

Government Exams Previous Year Question Papers

Superstructure — Types of loads: Types of construction — Load bearing, framed, composite. Fundamental requirements of masonary.

Introduction to automation in construction: Uses of maps and field surveys —Various types of maps and their uses. Principles of surveys. Introduction to digital mapping.

Measuring areas from maps using digital planimeter. Conducting simple and differential leveling for seeking out various benchmarks, determining the elevation of different points and preparation of contour maps. Introduction to GIS Software and other surveying soft-wares with respect to their capabilities and application areas.

Thermodynamics- Thermodynamic work, p-dV work in various process, p-V representation of various thermodynamic processes and cycles. Ideal gas equation, properties of pure substance, Statements of Ist and IInd law of thermodynamics and their applications in mechanical engineering.

Carnot cycle for Heat engine, refrigerator and heat pump. Conducting and insulation materials and their properties. Selection of heat sink and heat source. Machine elements: Power transmission shafts, axles, keys, bush and ball bearings, Flywheel and Governors.

Power Transmission Devices — Types of belts and belt drives, Chain drives, type of gears, Types of couplings, friction clutch cone and single plate , brakes types and application only. Application of these devices. Descriptive treatment only Slider crank mechanism, Four bar chain mechanism, List of various inversions of four bar chain mechanism, Geneva mechanism, Ratchet and Paul mechanism. Generation of alternating voltage and current, RMS and average value, form factor, crest factor, AC through resistance, inductance and capacitance, R-L, R-C, and R-L-C series and parallel circuits, phasor diagrams, power and power factor, series and parallel resonance, Q-factor and bandwidth.

Three phase circuits: Three phase voltage and current generation, star and delta connections balanced load only , relationship between phase and line currents and voltages, Phasor diagrams, Basic principle of wattmeter, measurement of power by two wattmeter method. Single phase transformer: Construction, working principle, Emf equation, ideal and practical transformer, transformer on no load and on load, phasor diagrams, equivalent circuit, O.

Properties of wet and hardened concrete, tests on concrete, factors affecting strength of concrete, water-cement ratio, aggregate-cement ratio, mix design, additives, design of form work, types of formwork.

Stones, bricks, cements, lime, mortar, timber, plastic, concrete, steel, paints and varnishes.Selection of site, types of bridges, discharge, waterway, spans, afflux, scour, standards, specifications, loads and forces, erection of superstructure, strengthening.

Analysis of arches and suspension cables, influence lines, stiffness and flexibility matrix methods. No kidding!! Solar powered illumination and economics associated.

Red hat enterprise linux latest version The notification regarding this examination appears on the List of posts for which officers are selected through MPSC.

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