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La Defensa Petrov o Defensa Rusa se ha convertido en los últimos Descarga de Libros (PDF, Ebook, digitales, Clases, Temarios, etc). DEFENSA PETROV PDF – La defensa petrov por Jusupov en Chess Informant by dreinoso_23 in Types > Instruction manuals, petrov, y petroff. From Wikipedia . DEFENSA PETROV PDF GRATIS >> READ ONLINE Defensa Petrov Analizar, esquema, y juego de la Defensa Petrov. lunes, 2 de septiembre de.

Chess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...e5/2. Nf3/2...Nf6

Nf6[ edit ] Black chose to play the Petrov's Defense. This defense is well known to be drawish and boring, especially due to the symmetrical position.

However, some lines can get quite sharp and dangerous and many continuations are possible for White. Nxe5 is the main line or Classical Variation. In this line, it's not advised for Black to take White's pawn before having chased the knight.

Qe2 Nd6?? There are a few lines that are quite dangerous in the Classical Variation, especially the Cochrane Gambit, which goes Nxf7, sacrificing a knight for two pawns and an exposed king. Rarely do games in the Cochrane Gambit end in a draw, especially due to the attacking opportunities and aggression offered by the position as white tries to gain a pawn back so 3 pawns for a knight is material equality , while black tries to maintain its advantage of a pawn.

With 3. Nelle varianti pi tipiche il Bianco mira ad aprire la colonna f con l'intento di arroccare. La Variante Sveshnikov en la Defensa Siciliana. Ab5 la variante Rossolimo y otras alternativas menos frecuentes como 3.

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Defensa Petrov

The Sicilian Defence is a chess opening that begins with the following moves: 1. Nc6 can also be reached via the Rossolimo Variation after 1.

Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 d6. Keene, R.


March 22, Las negras imitan la formacin de la defensa siciliana, tal como se juega. Difesa Siciliana: variante Rossolimo.

Etichette: apertura, difesa siciliana, teoria di scacchi. Rossolimo,Nicolas - Romanenko.

De esta partida podemos aprender que en la Rossolimo las blancas. Publicado por cegatelo a las Raccolta di partite di scacchi giocate con la siciliana variante Rossolimo B Nuevo pdf para nuestros suscriptores.

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